Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Here we are in the last days of 2011 and as the world now looks forward towards a new year; the fashion industry is booming financially by making clothes more tighter, more shorter and more revealing. 

 The young people of today think that the more you show off the better. They feel this is modern, chic, fashionable, sexy, stunning, hip  and beautiful. But for many of us who view modesty as a way of life feel this is degrading, cheap and immoral for any woman. 

There is nothing more beautiful than an honest young man falling in love with a young lady that has kept her body sacred by keeping it clothed and pure for her honor and her future husband.

Being reserved in our outer appearance makes people wonder what is under their modest attire. A wonder no one will ever know other than her husband someday.

Our bodies are a sacred gift for that precious young man after marriage. Keeping her body clothed for her future husband is the reward that will bless their union with respect and love for all eternity. She will walk uprightly throughout her life knowing she was only his for the viewing and the taking. He will hold the honor of calling her my wife, the mother of my children, the queen of our home.

An honor to take her to the temple.


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  1. great post

    amazing how in times past when woman and men all dressed modestly

    they still swooned, courted and married one another

    and i'd wager they probably felt more fervor and passion because of their mutual respect for modesty