Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Joy a Tire Swing Brings to a Child

I never knew that an old car tire could bring so much joy to a child's life.

For the past 15 years I had a large thick yellow nylon rope inside my 72 hr. emergency kit. I know that I should of kept it there in case of an emergency, but my desire to put up a tire swing for my two grand-daughters was far more greater than keeping this rope in a bag.

Last week I went to my son's house to help him paint his downstairs bathroom and I really wanted to take this tire and my rope to put it up for them. To my surprise the day before going to my son's house, I spotted this tire waiting for me on the side of my apartment complex dumpster. I was tickled pink to see it there and thanks to my neighbor who was so nice enough to stick it in my trunk.

the girls and I scrubbed the tire down with soap and bleach and once it was dried my son and I put it up for the girls. They love this tire swing so much they can't get off of it.

To see them both laugh with so much joy is worth giving up my rope. In 2 weeks when I go over my son and I are going to put up a swing for them. Have fun girls!

I wish I was a kid again.

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