Sunday, September 25, 2011

Forget Me Not

This past Sunday we were blessed with the General Relief Society Presidency addressing us in our Relief Society Meeting. For those of you who missed this inspiring broadcast you can listen to the entire broadcast at click onto Relief Society Meeting (Sept.24,2011)   

On this sacred day President Uchtdof explained the story of the Forget me Not flower and how we as women are forgotten.

—President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Pres.Uchtdof speech touched me very deeply. It made me think how many times I myself have felt forgotten by others. How I had so selfishly thought of myself on why people do not accept me as a friend, even as a sister in Christ. I do not have the joy of calling anyone a friend nor a sister. I have always felt as an outsider and some people sometimes do push me away. I do not know why since my life has always been serving others and loving them on my way through life.

His talk made me realize that I am not forgotten. I am a loving daughter of our Heavenly Father and I know He loves me. His talk also opened my heart to see through the blindness that was covering my eyes for a long time. I am not forgotten,...I just was not serving as I should of. 

I realized I needed to extend myself more towards others, serve more through compassion service and I needed to be more Charitable than before.

Charity never Faileth...that is our RS motto. Then why are "we" not putting this motto to practice the way we should.

I need to be more giving, more forgiving, more loving, more compassionate, more merciful and more humble. I cannot expect to be loved if I do not love first.

 Forget me Not...just forget who I was before....(MILLIE) 

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  1. don't you mean he spoke on how we as women are NOT forgotten? It was an excellent speech filled with love and humor!