Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Family Reunion

Its been a super busy Fall season here at home. My Fall cleaning is finally all done and a few trips to Goodwill emptied out some closet space. I am currently busy redecorating my bedroom (Black & White) and I am also changing my living room color scheme, curtains and wall decor. I love when I do this, my apartment looks so nice, clean and very chic with the new decor.

I am also working on a desk/vanity I bought at Goodwill for $20.00. This piece is so beautiful and I am giving this desk a new modern look. I am also working on some furniture that needed to be refinished and painted. So stay tune for before and after pictures that I will be posting soon.

Today I have photographs from our family reunion that took place on Saturday August 20. Reuniting with family is one of the best moments of my life. These moments together allows us to catch up on each others lives, events and of course some tragedies along the way. Being together for one whole day is worth every moment especially when they are embraced by hugs, kisses and smiles.

Here we are.

This is my Aunt Felicia with some of here grand children and great grand children. My Aunt had 13 children and when we all get together with their spouses, children and grand children we always need to rent a hall or a pavilion.

My Aunt Felicia and me.

The pond had these adorable ducks swimming with their babies

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