Thursday, August 25, 2011

When Adversity Stricks

Sometimes our days are filled with much adversity. Strength is often derived from a higher source but sometimes our strength is weak due to a lack of spiritual fuel. These dreadful moments leave us in a state of confusion asking ourselves why me?

Unfortunately some people are given more adversity than they could handle, while others are able to accept each one of them with grace and love.

One thing I have discovered throughout each trial I have been given, is that every trial has a lesson to be learned from. Figuring out this lesson may take a lifetime for many but throughout that time we become more aware and beware of how fragile and precious life truly is.

Much prayer, living a clean life and serving our fellow man helps us to overcome many of these burdens. By doing so we tend forget our own trials while filling our lamps with oil. This oil is the fuel that gives us the strength and purpose to win another battle with adversity.

Sometimes it takes me a while to see why these stones have crowded my pathway through life, but eventually I see the lesson I needed to learn from the trials I was faced with.

Always remember you are a child of God and when times become rough...

He is carrying you and that is why there is only one set of footprints in the sand.


  1. you've certainly had more than your share of adversity...which has made you the strong woman you are and good example

  2. so true! And you would know better than most!