Saturday, August 27, 2011

Learning By Example

As adults we sometimes forget many gospel responsibilities we need to share with others. Sometimes our little LDS children reminds us of who we are, how we should be and what we should be doing as members of the church.

Here are two examples I learned from my youngest grand-daughter, who reminded me of who I am and what I should be doing.

Lesson #1...When I opened my hair blog I was looking for a fashionable background to fit the image of hair, beauty and fashion. I wanted something that was modern and classy displaying fashion in these modern times. I found a background for my blog that had a woman dressed in a little revealing sleeves, pretty short above the knees and very tight fitted around her body. I never though of what this background expressed to others, other than a fashionable cool girl dressed with modern clothes and a very modern haircut haircut. day I was showing my grand-daughters my new hair blog and then I asked how do you like it? My oldest grand-daughter sad nothing but my youngest grand-daughter said..."Nana its nice but that girl is not dressed modestly".

This small but strong and powerful statement embarrassed me and made me see what my blind eyes did not see. I removed the background that night and put a nice simple background design. I learned a big lesson from that little LDS child...children learn from us and they absorb the gospel some times more than we do.

Lesson #2...Another time my youngest grand-daughter asked me if I had shared the gospel with anyone lately? I was quite embarrassed once again because frankly I had not. She said..."Nana, I shared the gospel today. I gave my friend a pass a long card and I told her about the Book of Mormon and how prophets lived here in America 2,000 years before Christ. I asked my friend to go to church with me on Sunday.

This young little lady taught me another lesson...I needed to get off my resting post and I needed to tell people more about the restored church.

We as Latter Day Saints sometimes rest too comfortably on others. We feel the missionaries will take care of sharing the gospel. What we sometimes forget is that we are ALL missionaries. And as such we need to share the gospel as much as we can, pass along more literature & video and we must try to reach as many people as we can, especially our own families.

I am glad to say I have given out 2 Books of Mormon this week and I am teaching a Jewish friend of mine the gospel.

I am a missionary and that is my responsibility.

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  1. good post, i'm still in iceland-gave out 3 book of mormons to new cousins discovered over here and my family history book of my icelandic 2nd great grandmother who converted to the church-gave it to the pres. of iceland...