Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hello, Hello, Hello???

Just as quiet as this telephone is right now, its the same way my phone is today.

Modern conveniences, updated technology and the use of a mouse has untied the love knots that we once shared between us.

Today we are informed about other people's lives by reading a blog, a website, by reading their facebook page, by sending an email or maybe once a year by seeing them at a family reunion or at a church service or gathering. Other than that we often see them through a live less photograph or an unspeakable television.

We don't sit and talk anymore like we used too, we don't send letters out to tell each other about our lives, our families and our goals. We don't hear your sweet voice anymore making me forget how your voice sounds, we don't shop together anymore nor do we ever have lunch like we used too.

Our lives have changed and our lack of a one to one interaction has gone down the tube. A square 17 inch monitor that governs, empowers and sucks us in like a order to communicate with one another. This small but powerful computerized modern technology has killed who we really are "humans filled with God's love".

Satan has us wrapped around his little finger and he's laughing so happily while we are apart.

The more we continue to allow him to govern and empower our lives like he is doing now, the more he laughs.

The lack of a close hearted interaction with one another is pulling us apart. Personal communication is dying and someday it will be an antique skill to master. 

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