Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Decorating on a Budget...#3

Pottery is one of the nicest items to use when decorating a home.

I personally love the raw finish of wooden pottery. I have some pottery pieces decorating my home giving it warm tones that enhances the decor in my house. Each one of them has a unique look and to me each one of them tell a story.

The urn pictured above was purchased many years ago in a garage sale. I paid very little money for it but the beautiful warm tones matched my living room decor very nicely. To me this urn seems to say I am Aztec and my design goes back to my ancestors.

This next urn was another garage sale find. I fell in love with the round shape it had and the colors displayed on the front of it. This urn reminded me of the Mayan pottery found throughout many of the ruins in Ancient America.

The flower vase below came from Mexico. It was a gift given to my mother from a Mexican friend of hers. When my mother downsized from a large apartment to a smaller one, I was fortunate to inherit this hand carved solid wood vase. This is one of my favorites pieces and one I will not depart from. Every time I look at this vase I imagine a poor peasant spending many countless hours creating this beautiful vase. In honor of the Mexican Culture and that humble peasant who made this vase to perfection...I say thank you and I'll display it very proudly in my home.

Always remember decorating doesn't have to cost much, it only needs a good eye to envision certain pieces that would look great in your home and the desire to decorate.

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