Sunday, August 14, 2011

Decorating on a Budget...#2

Sometimes when funds are low decorating can be quite a challenge. So here is a simple decorating tip that is cheap and very nice. Get an inexpensive round table at a discount store, put two or three layers of different fabrics that match the room decor, layer them on different lengths. Place an inexpensive round cut glass over it, place a lamp in the center and fill the table with family picture frames or pictures from a trip you took. The table looks great, its a genealogy conversation corner while decorating and adding warmth to the room.

I like the sand, cream and brown tones on my table and it looks very classy.

My Expenses:

Table $20.00...its solid wood and it came with the glass top...A garage sale find.

Long table topper $1.00...a garage sale find.

Short table topper sewn by dollars...fabric was given to me by my ex husband.

Picture frames...$2.00 for all at a garage sale.

Lamp $1.00 at a garage sale..painted by me...5 shades were used

Lamp shade (not seen...tan color)...$2.00 at T.J. Maxx on a clearance shelf

Total $26.00

for a beautiful side table

Oh, also found at a garage sale was my solid wood hand carved elephant for only $10.