Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cross Stitching

Twice a week I have the joy of babysitting my two grand-daughters. Every time we are together I try to have some kind of craft for them to do.

A few weeks ago I decided to teach them how to cross stitch.  My oldest grand-daughter Paloma crossed stitched some lambs and flowers and she was done the same day she started, but my youngest grand-daughter had chosen a more time consuming piece to do and I ended up finishing it. I did the flowers and the stems, she did the butterflies. Devoted to their cross stitch they both worked like little beavers on their new project for the 2 whole days they were here. 

Her cross stitch is photographed on the top of the page and I think for a first timer she did well.

A little note...The gray stain you see on the side of the small butterfly is only a shadow created by the is not on the cross stitch cloth.