Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Organizing in Small Spaces...#1

Organizing personal belongings and furniture in a small space can be quite difficult depending on how well of a decorating eye the individual has. It is not easy for those who cannot see through the eyes of a decorator but helpful hints like these can help even the most unorganized person decorate like a pro.

 There are many ways to organize in any small space using efficient inexpensive boxes, baskets, trunks and suitcases that can hid many personal and household items while decorating any room at the same time.. 

Suitcases & trunks are one of the items that has helped me organize things in proper places, being quite decorative at the same time.  

Nine years ago I downsized from my 3 bedroom house into a  medium size 1 bedroom apartment. This was quite a change for me but I knew it had to be done before I die. I did not want to leave my family dreading the burden of going through everything I had, so I did it now that I am young and in good health. This task took me 5 years to achieve but I did it and by taking advantage of those empty spaces I had throughout my apartment I created some cute conversation pieces that has allowed me to share my decorating ideas with others.

Throughout the years I have been organizing and rearranging many things in my home in order to find the best way to organize them properly. One thing I did was to organized my drapes in a trunk that also matches my living room decor very well. Then in 2 very nice wicker picnic baskets I organized my sheers and valances. I also organized all my sewing items in a medium size brown leather makeup suitcase. I then stacked all theses 4 items one on top of another from large to small in an empty space behind my recliner. It is a wonder conversation piece between everyone who visits my home and it not only holds items that usually are taking space in a closet; but they are also decorating my empty living room corner with color and texture.

Organizing with thrift store, rummage sale and garage sale finds like these can be cheap and very beautiful. 

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  1. good ideas, I have large wicker baskets that are filled with extra bedding and topped with plants around my living room area.