Thursday, May 26, 2011

Paloma & Natalia

Every time I look at my grand-daughter Paloma I see in her sweet spirit her love for music and animals.

I was happy to attend one of her band concerts last week and she looked so cute playing her flute...sniff...sniff..  She was happy to be part of the band at her new school living a dream I never got to fulfill.  I was happy seeing her play.

This year the girls are busy caring for horses. A family in their ward has a large horse stall and the girls were offered the job of caring for them. They were thrilled to know they could care for these beautiful creatures, so once a week they bathe, walk,  feed and care for their assigned horse. They love every minute they are there and it has been a marvelous experience for Paloma who wants to be a Zoologist someday. That is her goal.

Paloma and her assigned horse.

Natalia and her assigned horse.

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