Thursday, April 7, 2011

What is a Mother Worth in Cash?

Is there enough money to pay a woman for all the hats she wears while raising a family?

Today many women have to work along their husbands to sustain all of their home and family expenses.  But for those stay at home mothers there is no monetary amount that can even come close to all the shoes she wears through the day by being a stay at home mom.

Here is just a small list I have put together of some of the responsibilities and jobs she carries throughout the years on a daily bases.

She is a:

a taxi driver
a dishwasher
a housekeeper
 a maid
the dry cleaner
the cook
the nurturer
the tooth fairy
the elf
the wife
the lover
the caretaker
the laundry lady
the butler
the electrician
the carpenter
the grocery shopper
the cleaning lady
the shoe shiner
the hugger
the love giver
the singer
the maintenance worker
the veterinarian
the dietitian
the secretary
the bookkeeper
the gardener
the writer
the doctor on call 24-7
the problem solver
the interior decorator
sometimes the mechanic
the cheerleader
the child bearer

and of course she fulfills her role as a mother, in which she gives constantly from the heart never expecting anything in return but she does appreciate a hug or a thank you once in a while.

$7.50 an hour times 24 hours = $180.00

$180.00 times 7 days a week=$1,260.00

$1,260.00 times 52 weeks a year=$65,520.00

$65,520.00 dollars times 18 years of caring=$1,179,360.00

$1,179,360.00 times each of my 37 jobs listed=


This is the total cash amount she has earned for 18 years of her loyal services at minimum wage while raising her children and serving as a wife.  Her hard working soul gives unconditionally as she works hard to be the greatest Mom ever.

Thank you to all the Mothers in the world for your devotion and your loving heart. Your job is worth so much more for all that you do.

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