Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Personal Thoughts

Hello Everyone,

I have been a busy beaver at home and at my son's house. Since my daughter in law is a nurse and my son is in International sales I have to be at their house to watch my grand-daughters after school two or three days a week.  I also keep up with some household chores to help both of them out. Its a long drive but it is sure worth the trip. 

If for some reason you are wondering where is chapter 22 for Sammy's story, well I must let you know that I accidentally deleted all 5 pages of that chapter. I had been working very hard on that chapter until  very late almost every night and since I was so sleepy last week while polishing off the last draft, I somehow must of hit the delete button as I was dosing off vanishing my entire chapter.

My heart fell over to see my 3 weeks of work gone before my eyes. I cried as I tried to find and restore the chapter back, but it was all gone. The next day I had to start all over again and I am now polishing off the new chapter throughout the day time and not at night. I guess you learn by your mistakes. I should have this new chapter up and ready to read by next Monday....sorry guys.  If you did not read chapter 21, I advise you to do so because you will be lost on this next chapter.

I have also been busy working on some homemade Christmas presents. They are quite tedious and they take a skillful hand and time.

I have been enjoying many of your blogs and I must say many of you are very creative and very devoted to your families. I applaud you and I think the world of you also.

I'll leave you all with a thought to ponder on.

"There are two ways of spreading light, to be the candle or the mirror that light reflects on"
-Edith Wharton

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