Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Words of Wisdom

Last year I was watching one of Oprah's nicest and funniest shows ever. On this particular show she had Will Smith and his beautiful wife Jada as guests. Throughout the entire show I laughed and learned a lot from will. Will is not only a great comedian and actor but he is highly intelligent and in one of his explanation of how anyone can to be a bright star before others, I could not hesitate to take some notes. 

This is one note I really love... he said:

"People can be bright, elegant and very interesting individuals by illuminating themselves among others the right way. By illuminating themselves among a crowd of people, they will not only be heard, but they will also be the speaker of the house at that moment."

he continues his explanation:

"You can absorb any one's attention at any  moment by just illuminating yourself.  This is when you can show them your best assets. Culturally, attire wise and positive attitude can change your range level from zero to who knows how high by just illuminating those best features. By giving the best you have, you can have their attention and their mind in an instant. By vocally enhancing your words and attitude it  will illuminate who you are and it will raise your range among them. Positive giving invokes positive response. Range is the way in which you can go in with a positive attired, always knowing you will  leave with that same range of attitude. It is important to act according to where you are. Keep it real and don't waste yourself inside that moment. By always illuminate yourself in every moment your in and whoever your with, you will be the greatest assets in selling yourself among people. Each moment we have in life is priceless and worth investing ourselves into it the right way."

Millie's words of wisdom: 

Your attitude determines your altitude"