Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Two Snow Day Full of Crafts & Baking

I had to baby sit yesterday and today since my two little ones were snowed in from school. We spent two great days together and the girls had fun making some cool crafts. Here are their creations.

This is Natalia's decorated visor...she did a very nice job with it. 

Paloma added her own creation to her's.

Here are my girls concentrating on their bunny craft. They really were creative with these bunnies.

Here are 2 of Natalia's rabbits.

This is her complete basket and rabbits.

This is her basket base decorated with sunflowers.

This is Paloma's Basket with her rabbits.

She made a black bunny and we all loved this one the most.

Here is Paloma's completed basket. She did not want to glue her bunnies to the bottom of the basket like Natalia did, she wanted to have the ability to take them out of the basket to play with.

Natalia made these delicious chocolate chip cookies. Not bad for an 9 year old.

Good job girls.


  1. what a fun grandma-love the clothes pin bunnies. So fun.

  2. Those bunnies are adorable! Great the visors too!