Monday, February 21, 2011

A Great Craft To Make

I made these adorable horses many years ago at a Homemaking meeting. It was a fun project and a very fruitful one for me. After learning how to make these adorable creatures, I then decided to make a lot of them to sale at a local craft show in our home town. I sold each one of my horses for $15.00 dollars and the bride and groom horses I sold them as a pair for $50.00 dollars.   

Items needed to make this project.

1 broom stick pole

1 sock

1 bag of cotton stuffing

2 large craft eyes

red felt for their heart lips

Ribbon, a hat or some flowers to decorating your horse

1 glue gun

Stuff the sock, make sure its stuffed well. Then push the pole through the center of the stuffing and make sure the pole is in high enough.  Hot glue the edges around the bottom of your horse and then tighten well with your ribbon by making a knot then a bow. I used on some of them a few colored ribbons.

Hot glue your eyes and heart lips, and your hat or flowers. Be creative and have fun doing this craft project.

Here are my bride & groom horses.