Thursday, February 17, 2011

Food Storage Websites To See.

We are often being advised through church lessons, the media, our Prophet and television on how we must try to always be prepared in case of an emergency.

Your families' care and their future rests upon upon you. Whether its by making sure that they  have life and health insurance to care for their physical is also important for us to know they are fed well in case of an emergency that would arises and money becomes dim to even buy groceries. 

 Investing in a home instead of paying rent, saving money for a rainy day-college-and for retirement. All of these things are very important...BUT...are you prepared for a major distaster, for an unexpected illness that can keep you out of work or disabled, a sudden strike at work with no pay, a sudden let go from work leaving you with no income to provide for your family. Even a sudden damage of crops by storms or fires can bring a full dinner to just minor foods to eat.  

These unexpected events can deplete anyone's bank account, it can break famillies apart because of the lack of funds to keep up with their needs like groceries.  Preparation requires setting individual and family goals. Once these goals are set then you or the entire family must commit themselves to abide by them.  

By keeping up a well stocked food storage in your home throughout those great income days, you  can then absorb of the goodness to know the extra money you would be spending on groceries is a burden well lifted of your shoulders.  Now you do not have to go hog wild in spending or charging a fortune to keep up a nice stocked food storage in case those emergencies suddenly pop up. Having and keep a nice stocked up food storage requires some devoted time by the entire family in order to make those goals happen. I personally keep a well stocked food storage. I have had a well stocked food storage for 29 years now and I must say the blessing of having one has fed my family and me in many difficult times when money has been so depleated. i am constantly searching all the sale ads on the Sunday newspaper, internet coupons  and by checking the stores every time I go in to see what they have on sale that day.  I also check for the buy one get one free or two free store coupons...that is always a great buy. 

 By just adding 6 extra store items into your grocery cart every week can start that food storage from mounting up. This is just a picture of what a couple of sheves from my food storage looks like.  Now let me remind you that I have 3 closets full of food, medicine and water.  I am constantly rotating and buying more. This month I must fill up my water storage. I am down to 2 cases of bottled water and 8 gallon water.  

I try to keep every product in my food storage by the count of 5 to 15 of those products at a time. I have been struggling financially for 3 years now since my early retirement, but by having a nice filled food storage, I have only gone to the store for refrigerator needs, paper & laundry products.  I have been draining my food storage throughout those 3 years and my food expenses have not been much. I have a very strong testimony of food storage and with that testimony at hand, I can continue to survive very well and be prepared for many disasters.
Here are some food storage websites to help you on your quest in having and keeping up a food storage at hand at all times. These products are canned to stay fresh for 20 to 30 years.  In these website you can also buy survival and first aide needs also.



  1. thanks for lots of good info-we all need to focus on food storage, no matter what time of life we are in.

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  3. I think that it is very important like Lin is saying to get food storage on the brain and get prepared for something that you never know when is going to happen. Emergency food storage is a big thing i need to start working with. Hopefully I can get my supply going soon!