Friday, February 11, 2011

Food Storage & Cyclone Yasi



I know that no matter how much I try to keep up with my food storage, I always feel I do not have enough, especially toiletries like toilet paper & tissues.

Since Cyclone Yasi hit the Australian hemisphere, the devastation of of this storm has emptied almost every grocery store shelf to nothing.  Trying to keep their store shelves filled has been a very demanding and exhausting job since hardly no shipments are arriving into their country. For the past week this storm has destroyed the rice, corn and sugar crops there to its core. Leaving farmland empty and completely destroyed.

If you wish to see what this storm is all about check out my blogger friend Kim's blog on my blogroll, named "Good Muse".

 Kim is also a member of our church in California. Her testimony on  food storage is extremely high and her blog is fully devoted towards keeping a full food storage at hand for these moments of need.

Soon the United States will be feeling the pinch of this storm when food prices on these items will go to its highest levels. So if you can insert inside your computer research box "food storage websites" you will get many websites that will be willing to take your orders on these products and they will be delivered to your home. You can also stock up on sugar & rice by going to the nearest church cannery in your city where you can then can them yourself.

Be prepared and hear the voice of the storm...don't wait until Summer to try to get these products...there may not be any left. 

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  1. Hey Millie:
    I'm actually a California girl. I have been to Australia, but that was to go scuba diving. Thanks, for the shout out.