Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Winter Projects On The Go

The long Winter months can sometimes be depressing for so many people. The days are mostly gloomy, dark gray skies and no sunshine to give us an electrifying desire to do anything.

For me, these long Winter is a time to prepare for the Summer, by organize and purge my home of unwanted items and to do many things I have put off from the rest of the year.  I always clean out and organize my file cabinets, closets, drawers, cupboards, and I spend a lot more time writing on the computer and my journals.  I also redecorate some rooms especially the bathroom and my kitchen and I write letters to friends and family I do not see often.

My Winter months are so busy that I have to get up around 5am to get everything on my "to do" that day. The nice thing is that I do mostly everything before 3pm, then after that I can relax, read and nap.

I am now organizing over 500 photos on new acid free albums, my office is full of photographs and it is now a messy place to be. I will organized them by occasions, families and events. So I should have them all done by February 1st.

Then I am tackling the file cabinets, closets and drawers.

Here are some great ways to organize your home.

Hooks...hooks are great to hang purses, large bags, clothes, robes, and some items that can be off the floor.

Baskets... Baskets are great to store personal items like lotions, brushes, shampoos, nail care tools, soap bars, cosmetics  or batteries, office supplies and any small items that will acquire its own organized place in the home.

Storage Bins...these small and large boxes are a God sent. They can organize anything in the home, garage and car. It is a great investment.

Hanging Files...these great files are wonderful to organize your work area. I have them to store everyday home files, Scrap booking papers, and to hold my bills to be paid.  The good thing is they only require a wall to hang them on.

So if your Winter blues are on high gear, make some goals to organize and purge your life. Start by changing your way of thinking, then make some goals you wish to accomplish by the end of Winter and finish it off by doing a few of those things on your list every day. By the time April or May comes along your home will be cleaned out, organized and you will be stress free from clutter. Now you will be able to enjoy a beautiful Summer...good luck.


  1. good ideas...I have promised myself that I will try to get 10-30 minutes of sun per day this winter! got some good sun with the kids yesterday and today! ya!

  2. Sun is the greatest thing to replenish the vitamin D that is depleaded from your body.Ten minutes is all you need to replenish your vitamin D for the day.

  3. sounds like many are doing spring cleaning to keep themselves busy indoors...I've been cleaning off my desk again...lol1

  4. I want to thank you for your post on my blog last year. I also want to say feliz año nuevo! I only speak Spanish a little and love it when I can practice. I also love what you say about replenishing Vitamin D.