Friday, January 21, 2011

Preserving Photographs

I set some very tedious and consuming monthly goals this year which will consume every day throughout 2011 in order to get them done.  Many of these tasks I had put off from doing for years and I am set to do them no matter what.

 I also added to my list a no store bought Christmas presents for 2011. I am making all of my Christmas gifts.  All these gifts will be made by me and only me....more wood was added to the fire.   

 For January my job was to get all my photos (over 700 of them) onto acid free albums. These photos have been in photo boxes for years and I am tired of moving them from house to house. This year that was my first task accomplished and I am proud to say that 13 albums are already done and I only have 8 more to go. I am aiming to get them done by January 28 and I think I will reach my goal...AMEN!

The hardest thing of organizng, arranging and preparing these photos is trimming them for every album. This task took immensive hours and days in which I would end up spending up to 10 hours sitting and doing only this job. As any job to be done it does require some prep work and this was one job I did not like.  Its been a long and tedious month but now my photographs are in acid free albums amd in my book case to be shown to everyone and not in photo boxes and storage bins under my bed.

It is important to preserve photos in acid free albums. The regular stick on albums contain acid in the stick surface of the pages and this acid makes them change into a yellowish color which destroys and ruins the configuration of the images inside thes albums.
When buying acid free albums read the front of the label, it should say acid free album it the front cover. I also used acid free glue to paste them on acid free white computer paper and then I put them on clear plastic paper covers to protect them...then I put them in white letter binders. They look great and since they are put together by family, events, special occasions and is wonderful.  It is so nice to recapture the past in a nice way.



  1. the next step is to scan some or all of the photos to preserve them for! important work for the new year.

  2. Whew, that's an awesome goal/project!!!