Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Natalia's Birthday Party



After Christmas it was then time to celebrate Natalia's Birthday.  She was so excited because she knew she was going to get more presents.

With the joy of my son's in laws and I we celebrated this 9 year old's Birthday with lots of love and smiles.

Natalia was attempting to blow out the candles with her miniature slinky.

Natalia asked for 2 cakes and Mom also made her a strawberry jello cake topped with whip cream.

Opening gifts was the best part. She now has everything from bedding to wallpaper for her new bedroom (ladybug theme) and I am so happy she asked me to paint her a giant tree on her bedroom wall with some ladybugs crawling up the tree. I am so thrilled to pick up a paint brush once again. I will post pictures when I get it all done.

And to top it off a big kiss from daddy.

Happy Birthday Natalia...we all love you.


  1. I love the candles on the cake. How fun. A cute name for your granddaughter...