Friday, January 14, 2011

Family Home Evening Packets

Last April I wrote about home made family home evening packets. They are manuals made to inter twine with the scriptures to be used in teaching in family home evenings. Here are three of my packets (Honesty, Missionary Work & The Word of Wisdom. 

One year I made 12 of them as a Christmas gift for my son & his family. Each packet includes a scripture or more & music to go with the lesson, 1 story for 3 age groups (toddler, adolescent & teens). They also have a recipe to make and enjoy for that evening, 3 games to go with each lesson, visual aids for the toddlers & adolescent children and 1 family project to do that week together. 

Example for one of the packets:

"Missionary Work Packet"

Give out Books of Mormons

Write your testimony inside BOM

Go out with the missionaries to teach investigators

Write out a list of referrals to missionaries to teach

Have an open house for friends to attend a FHE with your family.



  1. This is so great. I do something similar...but I go through the Friend and other magazines and rip out articles that could be the basis for an fhe and keep them all in monthly folders!