Tuesday, December 14, 2010


A Smile...for some may be insignificant, but for others it can be a life changing experience.

28 years ago I began attending a Relief Society meeting in our ward that was called Homemaking. I was unaware of what occurred there but I went as an investigator to find out.  To my surprise I noticed that the ladies were a lot more friendlier at night then they were on Sunday mornings.

As I continued attending these classes I began to make an enormous amount of friends among those quiet sisters that hardly ever spoke to you on Sunday. I found out these women all wore many hats throughout their lives... Some were professional women in their careers, others cared for their home, family, ill parents or ill children with some disabilities. Others carried a load of callings in the church, some gave of their time to those who needed some help, others volunteered without being asked and some held their lives under prayer as they raised a family on their own.

  Throughout our meetings  I learned that behind those hard working women's lives they all had a smile on their faces.

Their smiles were the smiles of happiness. A joy of fulfilling their role as a great mother, a loving wife, a devoted sister, a community volunteer worker, ans a love to fulfill their callings among the many hats they already wore... but over all they all wanted to live righteously as a daughter of God.  These extraordinary women were the strength of my testimony in my early years in the church. They were the caretakers of their homes,  their children as the Patriarch worked to support their families, and some of them were teachers as they home schooled their little ones.  And no matter how bad their day may have been they still had a smile on their faces.  

A smile is worth more than a million words. Don't start your day by frowning, on the contrary start it with a smile and crown it with a beautiful word of prayer.

I was received and welcomed by the sisters in the church who allowed me to be part of what they  called "Sisterhood".

"I pass through this world only once LORD, allow me to make a difference in some one's life each day I breath."....By Millie


  1. good thoughts I was thinking about smiles today as the rs sister who leads us in singing and sings in group never smiles...I wonder why not?

  2. Those RS meetings are sometimes the best way to get to know a sister. We 'let our hair down', so to speak. I'm glad you received smiles that kept you coming back.

  3. This is a sweet post. RS meetings are always much better than Sunday RS.