Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Spark of Glitz

For those who love a little bling every now and then, the right piece of jewelery always makes a statement.

  Whenever I am going out for church or a special occasion, I usually plan the day before my outfit with the right piece of jewelery. For me that piece of jewelery always makes the outfit feel complete. 

I am not a fan of wearing too much jewelery,  . I believe that a few nice jewelery pieces is all I need to feel glamorous. I have 4 jewelery boxes filled with jewelery that I've inherited or purchased on sale. 

 I prefer simple jewelery but no matter what I put together for that hair and nails are more important than a rock on my finger. I do not like to go to the mall very much but when I do I always check out the jewelery section in many stores. But my favorite place to find beautiful jewelery is at garage or estate sales. Some of the jewelery I've come across throughout the years have been from garage or estate sales. They are my whenever you see that sign that says "Garage Sale or Estate Today" stop in and take a look at their will be truly amazed of what you can find there.

In every one's jewelery box there should be a few bangles, a couple of bracelets, a watch and a couple of nice rings. 

For some reason jewelery always makes a woman feel beautiful and complete.

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