Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Memories & Holidays

It sure has been a lovely Summer and Fall, and here we are getting closer to another holiday season that will create memories to last a lifetime.

In 2 more weeks we will be all celebrating a day of gratitude. A day in which families unite, siblings see each other after a long time away at college, a time in which we spend the entire previous day and the day of celebration preparing , cooking and of course baking our best pies for our loved ones.

How wonderful it is for those who have a lot of children and family to unite along a huge dining table to laugh, reminisce about the past and to bless the union they are enjoying at that time. 

For the past 18 years I have spent Thanksgiving alone with a nice bowl of oatmeal or pancakes. I have enjoyed my meal alone for many years and I do like it. When Billy and Jennifer were married, my daughter in-law's parents and I decided to share those the holidays among the both of us with our children alone. So she elected to have Thanksgiving and I chose Christmas.  I must say that I have really enjoyed it very much. I don't have to cook for Thanksgiving because my kids spend it with her family and then they spend Christmas with me.  I cook the entire meal for Christmas Eve and my lovely daughter in law cooks for Christmas Day. I get to stay over their house for those two days and I get to enjoy my grand-daughters excitement at 5am when they see the tree full of presents.

 Such great memories have been created from these two marvelous days. Those precious memories of laughter, picture taking and smiles can only be archived in my memory heart. So as these holidays arrive at your doorstep embrace them and make someone just loving and giving them a moment to smile.

This year all my friends & family are getting a loaf of homemade bread.

What ever your holiday may be...with 40 people or just one...make it memorable and everlasting. 

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  1. good ideas, we are traveling to texas for thanksgiving with my hubby's family there.