Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Inexpensive Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas

It may sound wild to think that the holidays begin next Thursday. Thanksgiving opens the door to Christmas and I imagine that many of you are all ready finished shopping for Thanksgiving, you have already planned  the menu, your baking days are slowly approaching and everyone has been invited. Good for you!

I am a loner for Thanksgiving, my kids go to my daughter in law's house and then I go to their house for Christmas. I sure enjoy Thanksgiving time alone decorating my house for Christmas. The tree gets to be lit by that evening, the door is decorated,  my balcony gets a Christmas cheer with white lights and bows and I begin to bake for Christmas. Thanksgiving week is a busy one for me but I love it.

Wrapping gifts can become so monotonous and some gifts stay as plain as it was in the 50's. They were just wrapped in any paper available and a bought red bow was its decor. Now in the 21 century we have exotic and over the top gift wraps that can cost a mint...but I have some inexpensive & cute  ideas for that will sparkle your Christmas gift.

 Look for beautiful paper...make sure it matches your home decor and tree. My home colors are browns, creams, deep olive greens and deep cranberry. Keeping my color scheme in mind, my tree reflects all the colors in my home. White lights. cranberry, gold, bronze and brown Christmas balls. My skirt is bronzed gold, my star is also bronzed gold and my gift wrapping always accents those colors. Keep it simple but very elegant.

 Here are some ideas on gift paper and some cool gift decor and uniqueness to bring out the best in every box.

If Uncle Sam likes sports, look for paper that has the sport he truly enjoys, little children get a kick of comic book figures. Use the comic paper from your local newspaper, wrap the gift and add a cute comic figurine he likes with some candy hanging on the top of the gift.

Brown paper bought at a novelty shop is terrific for wrapping gifts. Once the gift is wrapped sponge paint snowflakes, flowers, baseball bats & balls, fruits, or design something in a free art form. Which ever you choose make sure it represents the person you are giving the gift to.

Grandpa loves wall street, then wrap his gift with the wall street newspaper pages and tie a nice bow in deep sapphire blue and attach to it a gift card for a month of free local newspaper to be delivered to his home.

 Make your own bows, they are nicer....make your own gift cards for a free meal made by you to someone you truly love, a free manicure or hair do at their favorite beauty shop, a free babysitting night so they could have a date night. No matter what your free gift card may be it will be deeply appreciated.

Make your own gift tags, write a pretty poem to your friend, use pom poms as gift bows, use country twine with some fresh cinnamon and berries from your backyard to give that gift a country look. Be creative, fresh, amazing and very unique. No matter what you buy...always remember that fresh homemade cookies or bread is always the best gift everyone enjoys.

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  1. I like bright gift bags to stuff presents into-easier and faster...