Sunday, November 21, 2010

From Trash to Treasure

As you can see on the picture above my ottoman was screaming for a new dress.  This piece of furniture was given to me for nothing.  It had a faux leather fabric and it had some torn pieces held together with some black duct tape on one side. Well this September I felt it was time to enhance this great ottoman which holds all of my grand-daughters craft items in it.  .

I visited my ex-husband's upholstery shop looking for a fabric for the ottoman.  After I explained to him my upholstery idea on the ottoman, he was nice enough to say that I could choose any fabric I wanted from the back of the store for free. Now in case you didn't know, my ex-husband is a custom upholsterer.  He is "THE" pro to call when you need your furniture redone.  

I could not decline at the offer but after 2 hours going through hundreds of fabrics I chose this one. Its a  chocolate brown poka dot, but he only had enough for the top.  So I headed to the mall looking for a chocolate brown fabric for the bottom...I did not find one, so I settled for this lighter brown shade. 

Not bad but my ottoman looks so much nicer and I am tickled pink because it turned out great and it only took me 3 hours to do.  So much nicer than that black faux look. I am going to hot glue some chocolate brown buttons on the sides around the bottom trim to give it a nicer twist on it.

From trash to treasure...for nothing....that's my kind of bargins.



  1. Oh!! It looks incredible! Great job!!! (as always!)

  2. it's amazing what you can find and redo!