Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Preparation and Organization

Its been a good Summer. So much has happened throughout these hot months and I am very grateful.

 It is now 7am and the cool Fall breeze is hitting my face from the window that is opened in front of me. That cool breeze is delightful and so welcoming. But as soon as I am done posting this entry...I am off to finsih my Fall chore list.

Gearing up for the Winter requires some changes in life, home and preparation. The food storage needs to be filled for the winter. A visit or two to the cannery this Fall has been added to the agenda, the Winter clothes get a good rinse, coats get dry cleaned and the gloves, hats and scarfs get organized in the coat closet once again. Small but important changes this time of the year require dedication and a thoughtfull mind...all in preparation for a change of seasons.

Here is a Fall to do list to help us all accomplish theses goals:

*Replace heating-system filters and have the system professionally serviced if needed.

* If you do not have a carbon monoxide alarm in your home to protect your family for the winter's closed in environment, it is important to invest in one. If you have one please check it properly for functionality and replace your fire alarm batteries with new ones. Its better to be safe then sorry.

* Store away all the Summer clothes and replace with Winter clothes. Also this is a great time of the year to purge any outgrown clothes...Resale stores like Goodwill will happily welcome them.

* Tackle indoor windows & door repairs now and any painting that needs to be done before the cold days arrive,

* Repair or replace old wallpaper.

* Drain all outdoor plumbings and store away all the water hoses.

* Rake leaves and clean all gutters, downspouts, and window wells of dirt and debris.

 * Cover delicate plants before the first freeze.

* Check all Christmas lights for broken bulbs and extension cords for frays.

* When doing chores wear tennis shoes to allow you to move quickly and efficiently.

* Stock up on candles, matches, batteries and flashlights.

* Stock up the food storage, medicine cabinets and the cleaning supplies.

* Revise and replenish your 72 hour emergency bags and have about three fire drills with your family for the next upcoming Family Home Evenings to prepare and protect them in case of an emergency.   

* Organize all sports equipment in boxes in the garage.

* Make any necessary bank and money transactions before the end of the year.

* Keep the car filled with gas at all times, tune up the car and fix, replace and fill your car tires. Create a Winter first aid & emergency kit for the car and add blankets with protein bars, water, and winter garments like gloves, hats and scarfs in case the car leaves you on the road.

Lets get prepared and on the move...the cold is among us.


  1. wow, what a lengthy list...glad I live in the hot desert. love our warm winters....