Tuesday, October 26, 2010

If Only a Hat Could Talk???

In the 20's, 30's. 40's & 50's hats made a woman look stunning with her ankle tied open toed shoes and gloves to match her dress or suit.

Life has truly changed since then. The clean shaved, short crew cut gentlemen were so handsome and the women melted by his gorgeousness. The ladies were stunning, elegant and flawless in their style. The hair was coiffed just right and the hat was set on an angle to reveal her bedroom eyes and her chissled features. 

I often wish those styles would make their way around again. The teenagers of today don't even know what a belt is. And 90% of them don't own one either. Now their pants hang down to their knees and their baggy clothes make them look anorexic. 

I often wonder if they had to suddenly run for their life would they be caught because their pants fell down and caused them to trip and fall? But how much more respected they would be if they looked more like those clean cut and well dressed kids like "The Beaver."

I collect hats. I have collected them for over 10 years. I have come across some stunning hats and all my black hats are from the 30's and the 40's.  I look at them often and wonder what stories  could they tell if they could about the previous owner? Who was that stunning lady that wore those  magnificent hat.

Only God knows....Hummmm.  

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  1. styles have certainly changed. I used to always wear a hat to church but that was looong ago now.