Friday, September 3, 2010

Food Storage...A Strong Testimony

I was blessed this month with some extra cash I received as a gift. I held on to it for a few weeks thinking I would save it for a rainy day. I paid my tithing on it and as I was putting the rest of it away the thought of food storage came to my mind. I thought about it for a bit and then that strong whisperings of the spirit began to gently tickle my ears. Without any thought I was driven to inspect my food storage. I suddenly realized it was finally getting bare of many essential everyday needs, especially flour, sugar, cooking oil and can goods. I then thought well whether I should spend that money on filling up my food storage or save it to pay a bill that may arrive unexpectedly. I then realized Heavenly Father had answered my prayers. I had prayed a while back for some financial help so I could fill up my food storage again. So I went shopping this week and spent that money I had so carefully tucked away on my food storage. I have a very strong testimony about food storage and I know I did spend that money wisely. Above all this I know Heavenly Father will provide for my needs whenever I need it. Till this day He has not ever failed or forgotten me...If you believe...He will provide. He is a Father of Miracles.