Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Family

Family...a great institution, an organization composed of 3 or more people, an entity of human beings united as one, a format based on love, respect, support, honesty, humility and with one be together forever.

On earth we are all given the gift of prosperity and the freedom of choice. The freedom to choose right from wrong and the ability to prosper spiritually and physically here on earth. Being blessed with a family is a gift given to us by Heavenly Father. It allows us to prosper towards our own exaltation and the freedom to choose the right. It is our obligation and our desire as Latter Day Saints to raise good children of God. We strive to guide them in the right direction, nurture them, teach them right from wrong, guide them to make righteous decisions in life and love them unconditionally.

This gift is treasured within the LDS church because the family to us is a priority we take very seriously. We strive to raise honest, respectful, obedient, well mannered and spiritual children based upon God's true principles. Upon the Proclamation of the Family we strive to follow its guided prophetic principles allowing us to fulfill our duty in raising spiritual children.

On my friend Jocelyn's blog she is promoting this month the Proclamation of the Family...

Take a moment of your precious time to check her blog out, it is worth seeing....ENJOY.


  1. OH, and you have such a beautiful family, Millie! And I am glad to have you as part of mine as well! You're just like family to us you know! :) Thanks for this post!

  2. Hey Millie - I added you to our link-up so you don't have to worry about it! :)

  3. enjoyed your post and photo of your's what makes life worthwhile that's for sure.