Sunday, September 19, 2010

Familie are Forever

After my baptism I began to prepare a whole new life with my family. I was visualizing our future to be a positive one, full of many joyful moments together filled with God's Spirit, but as I began to embark in this "New Life", little did I know that Heavenly Father had a whole different plan for us than mine.

The boys were baptized the following month and my husband did not embrace the gospel for another year. But throughout that time peace did rest upon our relationship and our home. Unfortunately he fell away from the church the following year and then our lives began to take a different route.

I ended up raising the boys on my own and making sure they stayed focused in the right direction, was really  strenuous on me as I tried to work in order to provide for their needs. Life became difficult for us, my finances were really dim and I even had to ask the Bishop for food assistance. Thank God my dear Bishop Osborne was my little savior on earth. He held me together and he counseled me in making righteous decisions. 

Sammy was then diagnosed with cancer that same year, I had 3 brain surgeries, I almost lost Billy to a football accident and our marriage finally ended up in divorce followed by all this tragedyy. All of these trials  occurred in 18 months. Through it all the boys and I relied on the teachings and the love of the Savior surrounded by FAITH which was our main strength. The boys became stronger in the gospel as I sat back to admire them. 

Sammy died on December 28, 1989 and my divorce was finalized 2 months before. Our lives did take a different route and even though all these tragedy did hit us real hard, it never tore the boys away from me. Our love took the route Christ had set for us...the route of forgiveness, perseverance, and the understanding of Heavenly Father's plan. I took Sammy to the ligth before his passing and by us knowing that we would be together again, made us both say until then...I love you.

Understanding that Heavenly Father's plan is the best and that even though we are not sealed together as a family...He will allow us to be together forever in His house someday.

This picture was taken 6 months before we lost Sammy...He is the one flying in the air.  He was already destined to return to Our Master above, and he will always be part of my heavenly family through God's Plan of Salvation. This Tuesday Sammy would of been 36 years old. Happy Birthday baby...Mommy loves you so much. This song was played at his funeral.

Families are and will always be forever.


  1. This is such a beautiful post...thank you Millie! And I love that photo of you all with the sunset in the background...soo neat! And so special...

  2. Millie, you are a true inspiration. I don't know if I could have handled that much in such a short time. Thank you for sharing such a personal time with us.

  3. how special that you have that photo of sammy jumping in the air. that is a treasure.

    and thanks for being a part of my post yesterday.