Monday, August 9, 2010

The Dove In My Pocket

My oldest son Billy gifted me with this poem after Sammy passed away. I treasure this poem and it resides inside my purse to accompany me wherever I go.

The Dove in my Pocket

This dove in my pocket
Goes with me everywhere
This dove is a reminder
That someone really cares.

God sent His son Jesus
For both you and me
He died upon the cross
at Calvary
A sacrafice of God's love
Which sent the Holy Spirit from above.

This dove is a symbol
Of God's wonderful grace
When He took Jesus to heaven
He sent the Holy Spirit in His place.

This dove is a comfort
When I need to see
The precious Holy Spirit
That dwells inside of me.

Sometimes I feel discouraged
By life's uncertainties
But when I put my hand in my pocket
I remember His Spirit in me.

This dove is not a charm
Nor is it a protector from all harm
There is no majic in this dove
It is just a reminder to me
Of His special love.

"Lo I am with thee always"
Matthew 28:20