Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Breakfast Made with Love, Happiness & Nutritional Value?

Only when grandchildren stay with their grandparents do we spoil  them to death.

One day at my little girls wanted M & M pancakes and chocolate chip cookies for breakfast. Yes...us grandparents do spoil our little ones more than their own parents would ever do. So I prepared some M & M pancakes and some of Nana's famous spider hot dogs to accompany them along with the chocolate chip cookies we baked the day before. After that great "sweet" breakfast we were all happy campers.

Nana's M & M pancakes cooking on the griddle...yum!

The video above explains my point of view on how nutritious my breakfast was through Bill Cosby eyes...a genius with children.

So if you ever get asked by your little ones to make them an off the wall breakfast...go for it...you'll only have them for a short time before they start living their life without you by their side. Create some great memories and allow your love to expand inside those precious memories.