Friday, June 25, 2010

Visiting Teaching Message

This last January, my lovely visiting teacher "Debroah Gay" surprised me on my Birthday with this beautiful boquet of  flowers. My visiting teacher never misses her monthly duty and she is always prepared with a spiritual message for me.

My beautiful flowers no longer exist, but they will forever live in my heart due to a simple photographic camera and a lovely thought from a sister who cares.  Today I pay tribute to all those great Sisters who take a moment of their very busy home and work life to fulfill a very worth while calling. I applaud all of those  sisters who serve in this calling so devotedly and I pray you may all continue to serve the Lord with a heart full of love and a strong testimony to guide you. 

I'm a Visiting Teacher
I said to my friend today.
And my Father in Heaven heard me,
For I heard Him softly say;
A disciple, tried and true,
For whereever you carry my message,
My Spirit goes with you.

Some daughters of mine have burdens
Some seem to have lost their way
Go take them my love and my goospel
To strengthen them day by day.
Never say, "Just a visiting teacher."
Have faith and you will understand
When you enter a home with love
I'll take you by the hand.

----Author Unknown