Sunday, June 20, 2010

Redecorating & Cleaning Out

Since I am going to have my back surgery on Aug. 11, I felt I needed to start giving my apartment a major cleaning out of items I had not gotten rid off since I moved amd I really do not need anymore. I cleaned out all the cabinets, closets &  my 3 drapery and valance drawers. I had too many of those.

I also did a little re-decorating which I love to do. Believe me my decorating skills do not cost me anything... Its all about moving things around the house, like changing drapes, toss pillows, rugs, bedspread and pictures. When I buy something for the house I always make sure I can decorate around that item with other colors I already have.

To make your house look good doesn't mean you have to buy new furnishings. By living providently I have furnuished and decorated my entire apartment with used items (second hand, hand me downs, & garage sales) is cheap and I live without the debt. If  its in good condition and if I can restored it with stain or  paint....I'll buy it. I upholster furniture, I love to paint furniture, I can stencil, stain anything and if I can't fix it I will learn how.

I have done a major cleaning throughout the entire apartment, especially my food storage & my closets. Here  are some of my apartment photos after a few changes in color, since befor it was more browns and tans, now its warm and inviting.. As you can tell I love earth tones.

For some reason their are two white streaks on my pantry doors which are not on there...I think its the shine from the lighting...that's weird.

 This is the weirdest thing...I was writing on the computer when I heard a bird singing on my window...but he wasn't only singing he was chipping on my if he wanted me to look out the window. Well my camera was right next to me since I had just uploaded some photos and I took his picture. Here he is. Now let me remind you that I am on the 4th floor, he is standing on the outside edge of the brick wall. I see you!!!! 

Then I go to the kitchen and there he was on my balcony calling me again. He is on top of my railing on the right hand corner by the brick wall...sorry the photo may not be clear enough, but look real close...he is there. I felt he was stalking me.  It was a parakeet and I think it flew out of someone's apartment here. He was green, orange & yellow...he was beautiful.

I had to take the picture through the screen and the glass.
 Oh those plants are my tomatoes.
Thanks for stopping by...chow.


  1. looks like a comfy place and friendly

  2. Ooh, thanks for the tour. Looks lovely as always. You are an AWESOME decorator/designer! That bird seemed like he had a message for you! Maybe he wanted in so you could help him find his owner! :)

  3. I opened the sliding door for him to enter but he flew away as soon as he heard the door open...he was so cute.