Thursday, June 3, 2010

Honoring My Mother & Her Poetry

A person's inner gifts are usually seen through their caring heart, their compassion towards others and the passion they display in what they love to do best.

 My mother, a single woman who raised three children alone without a husband to support her financially or in anything she dreamed of, defended her from her enemies or admired her for all the beautiful things she does. Through hard work and a Spiritual devotion that kept her strong to achieve all her dreams in life, she managed to reach one of her raise three outstanding children.

But one thing she is very well known for is her ability to write some amazing poetry. With the art of writing poetry embedded deep within her heart, she became the 1988 Golden Poet of the Year, she was inducted into The Poets Hall of Fame and she was also inducted into The Library of Poetry along with her poem "The Children Of War"....making us three kids very proud. She has written over 700 poems, published one book of Spanish poems and is currently compling her series of Spiritual Devotionals accompanied by some of her Spiritual poems. She has received and has been recognized with many awards throughout her lifetime and has also been recognized by some well known people in the industry.

Her gift of writing has been passed on to my brother Sammy, who is a journalist and a MMA writer in the world of wrestling. You can read his current writings on his blog... . I also write some poetry and I am currently writing my son Sammy's story with his bout with cancer. In honor of my mother I wish to bring her gift of writing to you through this poem in which she wrote for my son's funeral. Before Sammy died he personally asked her to write and read this poem in his funeral.

Little Dove Over My Window

It was one day in the middle of Summer the doctors said,
"The baby is coming."

A ting baby came into the world
so delicate-so gentle
Crying so strong, perfect in health
making his mother praise the Savior.

Outside the morning
salutes the day with a shinning splender
the flowers bring exquisit perfume
tingling its colores in majic rainbows.

One day in the middle of Summer
open window to the air
birds singing, sounds of drummers
smell the happines everywhere.

My windows are open to the world
the future brightens our minds
a little dove passes through my window
open in the flies and flies.

One day the baby was crying
so much pain covers his body
suffering so much is Mom and Dad
this precious baby is dying.

Silent prayers and strong faith
covers our hearts filled with sorrow
the little dove came back to my window
pure and white like the snow.

Like majic from the sky
the little baby feels no more pain
he feels secure and in his mind
no more troubles, no more crying.

One day in the middle of Summer
a little dove rises on its wings
and in my window I hear the kings
filling the air with sounds of drummers.

The little dove never came back
singing his song over my window.

by Millie Soto 1989

To everyone who has been wondering why I haven't posted any more chapters of Sammy's story, please forgive me but  I needed to over come a lot of commotion in my life since last October.  I had to pack and move through the holidays, I had rotator cuff surgery and now that I am settled in my new home and more at ease, I can continue to write and finish this story.  Next week I will post chapter you may want to read chapter #17 to catch up...until then have a very nice week.


  1. You Know I love poetry...I never knew this about your Mother, though! That is so incredibly awesome! Thank you for sharing that...will you share more of her poetry in future posts?

  2. Yes Jocelyn, I will. I plan to share not only her poetry but also some of my brother's beautiful articuls and several of my own poetry. Thank you for stopping by. Poetry is one of the fine art I truly admire and love.

  3. wow what a talented mom, by the way-see p. 14 in the Ensign for my embarrassing claim to fame. I sent Susi Q a copy of my original article if you want to see what I sent in compared to what was printed. lol!