Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Another Fun Weekend at Nana's House

Another day at Nana's house becomes a day of many adventures. My little girls spent a couple of days with me and it was another fabulous visit . I had already planmed to take them to the theater to see the new Shrek 4 "3D" movie, making our time together a funny and happy one. Here are some photos of our theater adventure and of couse of my Natalia showing off her abilities as a gymnastic student...she can do a perfect hand stand...amazing!

Paloma age 10

A snap shot of Paloma's eye with her 3D glaasses

Natalia 8 years old

Ouch.... that was not a good thing to do

RUN!!!!!....its the 2 headed monster......

I can see you with my 3D  eyes....

This last weekend they were back for another crafty fun time.

Here's Natalia upside down again....deep strength concentration...don't make me laugh Nana...PLEASE don't.

Nana stop...we are in deep concntration making our farm coral with animals.

Oopps...she just lost her balance and down she went.

Loads of fun and can't wait for another visit....CHOW!

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  1. looks like you have lots of fun with the grandkiddies.