Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Peek At My Other Two Blogs

Many of you are not aware I also have 2 other blogs, so at this time I wish to inform you of them, please take a moment to visit them. Comments are always welcomed

1.  There is my Nana blog  it was the first blog I ever started. Here you can see all the photos I have of my family, our holidays together, many family events and special occasions. I love this blog because my life is displayed with lots of warm loved family members united as one.

My wonderful Goodwill find.

My Sister Mayra, brother Sam & me.

My daughter in law Jennifer and my two grand-daughters Paloma (10) & Natalia (8)

2. This is my food blog. Since I am a vegan vegetarian I have taken this space to inform my food seekers with plenty of food informatopn, my recipe photos & an aray of Latin & American recipes to feed and delight everyone's taste buds. As I live the vegan life I create all my meals from scratch surrounded by wonderful old cultural & new recipes from the island of Puerto Rico.

Yummy Taco Salad

Tofu Blueberry Pancakes

Spanish Rice, Salad, and my homemade Wheat Tortillas filled with veggies.

Hope you all may visit my other two these blogs.

Thank you.

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  1. your vegan food looks good. i need to figure out how to get more veggies in my diet as i am diabetic. fun stuff. thanks for sharing. you are busy with threee blos. i tried two for a while but fell back to just one that i update daily.