Sunday, May 2, 2010

Great Weekend and Lots of Giggles

Spending time with my girls sometimes can become a crazy but funny experience. Among all the giggles & food making we sometimes get kooky, its hilarious!

We started our Saturday morning with a nice breakfast. After the votes were cast the pancakes & eggs won the challenge. Which they turned out very good and there were no leftovers.

Natalia likes to slowly swirl her syrup over her mini pancakes before chowing them down and Paloma does not play around with her food...her motto is hurry up and eat it.

 Then after breakfast we all made this chocolate pudding pie filled with mini chocolate chip on a graham cracker crust...(ALL vegan). It was delicious and by the time they left that night there were NO leftovers. YEAH!!!!

My little gymnastic baby cakes Natalia loves to flip herself into a perfect handstand. Its mighty impressive as you see.

My girls love the dog & bird next door and every time they come over they always play with them. this is Kathy's bird "Striker" and he is a cutie.

Kathy decided we better get him off before doing his thing on Paloma's head.

It seems that Striker likes to chirp and kiss on a cute girls ear lobes...hummm...he may be a little Casanova!

After this we spent an hour in the exercise room in my apartment complex working out and then we played with water while washing to car for our Sunday church service...gotta look nice on Sunday including the car. After a great day we relaxed watching very talented animals on our favorite television show "Pet Star" and then we watched another great show we all love which is "Cake Boss"...My Paloma wants to be a cake baker, and she wants to make those huge extravagant cakes someday. She wants to work for Buddy on Cake Boss someday...I tell her dreams do come true if you really make them to.

Another great visit and a wonderful happy weekend!


  1. That is so cute! And nice handstand!!!

  2. Millie, Paloma looks just like you! wow, she's a mini you.