Sunday, May 23, 2010

Great Summer Craft & Photos

This young lady is my youngest grand-daughter Natalia. Her sister Paloma and her had a very nice weekend with their Nana as always. When they spend the weelend with me I always try to have a nice craft for them to make. Some crafts are time consuming but this week's craft only took us 30 minutes to make.

My good friend Jocelyn Hatch had a great cute craft in her blog . She had these beautiful inexpensive sandles displayed on her blog in which she embellished them with some ballons that were tied to the straps of the sandles. I thought they were beautiful, so I went out to Dollartree and I purchased two pairs of sandles for 1.00 dollar a piece and 4 ballon packs for 1.00 dollar a piece also for the girls to embellish their sandles. And with a little help from Nana, Natalia finished her sandles and here are her pretty sandles. Paloma took her sandles home to finish them with her Mom.

Natalia's pretty sandles

The next day Natalia was going to attend a friend's Birthday party and she wanted to wear her cute sandles that matched beautifully with her new Summer dress. She looked beautiful after Nana curled her hair for the occasion.

Another great weekend and another great craft...thanks Jocelyn!


  1. those have got to be the funnest cutest craft project and inexpensive. Will have to try it with my twin grand daughters this weekend.

  2. Great job! They look wonderful! And what a pretty girl!!! Glad you could enjoy making them together!

  3. Sooo cute! they turned out great!

  4. Hi Millie! Glad you like the journals! You know they are "priceless"! They are going to The Write It Out Project...for women who've lost their husbands in the war...but I'll find time to make you a special one! This ones "on the house!"

  5. How perfect for the dress! So cute!