Thursday, May 20, 2010

Garage Sale Finds & a Great Restoration

This wooden elephant is one of the pieces I have collected in wood for the past 15 years in which I absolutely adore. This piece cost me only $10.00 dollars at a local garage sale and it is a beautiful piece that decorates my living room very well. This elephant is in mint condition and it is very heavy because it is carved out of a solid piece of wood. I buy only wood or organic decor....sorry guys... I DO NOT like ceramics.

These mirrors were all bought in garage sales..from .50 cents to $2.00 dollars each.

This cabinet was really bad when I purchased it and as most people couldn't see the beauty I saw behind all the dirt and chipped paint, I brought it home for $2.00 dollars.  This cabinet is now in my bathroom, holding all my medical supplies. After giving it a good hand wash with soap & bleach, it came out great. Then I rubbed it with a rag with some cream, tan and chocolate brown paint. Then I took some chocolate paint to details the trims and then I mixed some brown paint with water to create a dirty brown wash. I rubbed that wash all over the cabinet giving it an old antique look. I then hand painted the ugly dingy handles with silver leaf and then I coated them with clear nail polish to protect the paint from chipping. It came out beautiful and I am super happy with the results for only $3.50 with paint supplies.

Here is a closer look at the cabinet finish.

Here are some pictures I picked up at some garage sales that now found a home in my kitchen.
This picture cost me nothing...I picked it up in the street, I gave it a good cleaning and I painted the old wooden brown frame with a little black matte paint which brought it back to life.

The two pictures beside it only cost me $1.00 dollar a piece. They both went well on that wall above the kitchen sink with my bird picture and it is a nice set of pictures to look at while doing dishes.

Next week a look at all my lamps...they are very nice for just a few dollars.
until then keep shopping garage sale style.


  1. sounds fun, I've never done many garage sales but can see there are lots of bargains.

  2. Yes Lin, you can find anything imaginable at a garage sale. Try it some time. Most of my broches are garage sale finds also.

    Jocelyn: going through sales is pretty cool.