Sunday, April 25, 2010

Family Home Evening Mini Packets

Many years ago a new sister that moved into our ward brought to our Homemaking meetings many new ideas. In all her great informative and creative new ideas she introduced to us to Family Home Evening Mini Packets. Each of these mini folders consisted of gospel classes for FHE nights. These folders were full of lessons, hymns, recipes, visual aids, stories and great projects for the children to do for family night. Each folder focused on one gospel subject and throughout the evening the entire family was well taught that lesson and they also had a lot of fun together. I have used in this blog post 3 different FHE Mini Packets to show my audience on how to make these folders for your family. One year I made a few of them for my son and his family as a Christmas present, this present took me the entire year to make and every month I made one completed. This was a great gift and they have enjoyed these mini packets to teach their little ones the gospel.

Family Home Evening Packets Rules

 Buy ofiice files that have prongs and pockets inside them.

  Buy clear file protecters to protect and keep your lessons and activity items safe from being lost.

 Choose a gospel subject and focus the entire lesson on that subject only.

Each packet must have at least 4 lessons, art activities or hands on activities for your children to do, 2 hymns, 2 treat recipes, 3 or 4 scriptures focusing on the subject of the folder, & 1 or 2 visual aids.

The subject I chose to use here today as my illustration is on "HONESTY"

Directions in putting together your FHE Mini Packets:

1.  Type nicely your lesson outline. Starting with the gospel subject you have chosen...I chose  "HONESTY" as my subject. 

2. Under the subject heading write the scriptures that goes with all the lessons plans you have chosen to insert inside your folder.



1.  Opening Hymn:   "I Believe in Being Honest"  (4 to 6 copies).

2.  Invocation:

3. Poster:  "13th  Articule of Faith"  (1 copy)

4. Child Story #1:  "You Choose" (Ages 3-6)

5.  Child Story #2 :  "Honesty and the apples".  (Ages 7-12))

6. "Fair Play": (Child coloring page & hidden item activity. (1 copy for each child)

7.  Teen / Adult Lesson #1: "The 10 cent Solution" by Sterling W. Sill

8.  Teen / Adult Lesson #2:  "Honesty"

9. Teen Adult Lesson #3:  "Be Honest with Yourself" by Howard W. Hunter

10 Word Search Activity:  "13th Articule of Faith" ( 6 copies)

11. Closing Hymn: "The Thirten Articule of Faith" (4 - 6 copies)

12. Benediction:

13. Treat & Game Suggestions: 


Copy the 13th article of faith and fold it in 3 sections to insert inside your clear protector. 

Lesson plans for children 

Word Search


Plan for treats

Teaaching our little ones is part of our earthly it right and follow the Lord's Spiritual guidance as we walk them along this world. I hope this can help you all prepare for a good Family Home Evening with your loving family and to build up a beautiful FHE library as well..

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