Sunday, March 7, 2010

Stage 1...The Shoulder Exposed.

After having it cleaned out, I felt so much better.
Thanks to my son Billy, my aunt Felicia & my cousin Olga who cared for me this weekend, I was able to surpass the first 4 days after shoulder surgery. The best thing that happened today was being able to take a shower & wash my hair. It was delightful.

Tomorrow will be the first day my health care nurse will be with me to not only care for me medically but she will also do my cooking, cleaning, wash my clothes and help me bathe. Since I cannot dress myself or do anything for a very long time, she will be my care taker as long as I need her. Thank God for that. It is rough for me to depend on anyone since I am so independent and extremely self reliant and not being able to care for my every need especially when I want to scratch and I can't. Also when I drop something on the floor and I know I cannot bend down to get it, that irritates me. But since I do have a hand held grabber it has become my other hand. YEAH!

I now have a greater appreciation for having the gift of 2 hands and 2 feet.
Thank you Lord!

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