Monday, November 2, 2015

From Trash to Treasure

Before moving into my new apt. I had a huge home sale to get rid of excessive items I did not need (Downsizing???). One item I sold was my mosaic dining room table & chairs I had done myself. Downsizing left me hunting for a couple of bar stools for my breakfast counter. Financially I chose not to buy new ones so I started hunting around for a couple of used bar stools.

To my surprise I found two bar stools at our local Goodwill store. These abused, run down and unloved bar stools just needed some tender loving care and for $6.00 dollars a piece, I knew I could give them just that. As an artist in so many ways, I visualized the results at the end of the road before I get there. So I bought the bar stools and with some elbow grease, sanding, staining and upholstering I restored them to become gorgeous seats for my new apt.

 Two bar stools for $6...before

Phase 1...before photo

Phase 2...sanding

Phase 3...the results....Beautiful!!!

They both came out great!
Not bad for $12.00 and some free fabric and cushions.


  1. These are so gorgeous! (Just like everything you do!) You have such a gift!

  2. Hey Millie - You ARE invited to my "Service Boot Camp"...although you don't need a boot camp...You serve everyone GREAT! I invited everyone who reads my blog (including you) in this initial post...You can read it at:

    I already assumed you were joining in on it! :)

  3. Those chairs were dilapidated and I certainly would not have seen the beauty you've resurrected in them!! Great job, they are lovely now!