Monday, February 24, 2014

The Family Tree

A sacred institution with extreme blessings
I came across this picture of a hand painted family tree a few months ago. The beautiful art work and the display of family photographs screams out to me how sacred this family is to the home owner.
As I studied carefully the beauty of this artwork I could visually imagine the designer's love for her art in wanting to display her family for everyone to see.
The painting of this tree brings me to think of those who have passed on before us and are also wanting to be remembered. Searching for your family tree is very simple and if you wish to search your family tree, just click on the link below. Start today and unite those family members to your family tree. They are waiting patiently to be part of your family tree and to be united with you forever.
Almost each one of us have at least one family member. Some are blessed with too many to count. But no matter how small or large your family may be...your family is one of the most sacred blessings God created just for you.

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