Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Marriage and Family Relations...The Proclamation to the World

Eternal Marriage
 The Proclamation to the World

Eternal marriage doesn't really mean much to the average person, but to the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Saints,  its a ongoing commitment for this life and the life to come.

In these modern times many marriages loose their desire to make their union last for ever. Most of them loose their romance before the first year of their union.

Many years a go I stopped at a rummage sale in the nicest part of town here in Lorain. This sale was not advertised as a rummage sale, it was advertised as a "Divorce Sale." Curious to see what was waiting for me there I quickly got myself dressed as soon as possible.  When I arrived there I found an incredible amount of people who were also seeking some good buys from this divorce. After being there for a short time I discovered that the girl who was having the sale had only been married for 2 months. I began to think about this marriage and I wondered if  they could of worked it out somehow before coming to this final stage.

Preserving those marriage vows have become meaningless to many and seeking the easy way out has become the norm. "Live In" partners have now increased by 30% from the last 5 years, putting the marriage license almost out of existence.

God made Adam and Eve...He united these two souls in
holy matrimony and to be to be fruitful and multiply.

Since ancient times apostles and prophets have confirmed the importance of marital relationships in society. 

President Hincley stated. "God-sanctioned marriage between a man and a woman and has been the basis of civilization for thousands of years."

" The Family is a divine institution. You will know no greater
happiness than that found in your home. The truest mark of your success in life will be the quality of your marriage."...President Gordon B. Hincley.


  1. All too true! But there is hope and happiness to be found in the Family Proclamation! Thank you!

  2. marriage is definitely a commitment forever for both partners and it does take two to make it work.