Monday, January 11, 2010

A Mother's Pride & Joy

Billy is one of my hero's and a person I truly admire. He is a sweet, loving and caring person. He is also a respectful well mannered man full of integrity and according to his daughters he is the best dad ever. Billy always makes sure his wife and his little girls are well taken care of and happy, devoting all his time to their every need. At the age of 19 he served a mission in Merida Mexico for 2 years before he met Jennifer (also a return missionary). They were married in the Washington Temple and they are now raising 2 beautiful girls.

Billy & Me

As a little boy, Billy loved chasing the roosters and ducks throughout my grandmother's backyard. He would often disappear from the house and we would find him under the mango trees eating all the mango's that had fallen on the ground.

He loved to grab the ducks

He was a cute & cuddly child and even though he is now all grown up he hasn't lost his loving ways. Every time he is around me or his wife, we will always get lots of hugs & kisses.

I love you Billy.


  1. Aw, Billy is all of that and more...what a hunk...what a man! You raised him right, Millie! :) Cute photos!

  2. Nice to see what a great man Billy turned out to be. He had a good mom!